To ensure the constant improvement of products, processes, and services for the sake of anticipating and exceeding the needs and requirements of both customers and final consumers.

To foster the organization’s proper growth conditions and the development of its personnel, as well as a harmonious coexistence with the neighboring communities and the optimization of our shareholders’ equity, within a framework of mindful observance of our social responsibility to the environment.


To be recognized as a World Class Company, leaders of the industries in which we participate, with a growing and sustained economic and social profitability, supported by innovation and by the continuous development of products, processes, and services which are determined to provide greater value to the personnel, customers, distributors, consumers, suppliers, financial institutions, communities, shareholders and to society in general.


Customer and final consumer guidance

Respect for the person and their development


Praxis of continuous improvement and innovation

Respect for the environment

Ethical, Transparent, and Transcendent Action

In 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Development Agenda considers 17 Sustainable Development Goals and seeks to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all people a innovation. Cydsa contributes with 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals


CYDSA has a Sustainability Strategy aligned with its business objectives, which is transversal to all areas of the Group. It develops a long-term sustainability vision to provide care and develop initiatives focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

The essence of CYDSA’s Sustainability Strategy is reflected in its Sustainability Model, which focuses on three pillars: Natural Environment, Society, and Corporate Governance, which guide all of the Group’s processes for achieving its sustainability goals and objectives, as well as in the generation of valuable assets for its Interest Groups.


Natural environment


Corporate governance


For fulfilling this model, we have integrated several objectives, sustainable practices, policies, and procedures, including a strict Ethics framework, audit processes, and control systems for its evaluation. As a result of the actions taken since October 2010, CYDSA has allocated more than 450 million dollars to sustainable investments that have been the foundations for the growth of the company’s Business Portfolio, based on sustainable profitability and business ethics, consistently meeting and exceeding safety, health, and environmental care standards.

Creating new strategies and actions that aim to promote harmonious and sustainable development results from various control systems and dialogue with our stakeholders. Through this vision, CYDSA reaffirms its culture of continuous improvement and strengthens its sustainable image intending to promote steady progress through concrete goals and track the metrics


Generation of shared Value with all stakeholders










Venture Capital Analysis


Financial institutions

To be recognized as a World Class Company, leader in the industries in which it participates, with growing and sustained economic-social profitability

CYDSA Sustainability Achievements in 2021

More than 450 million dollars were dedicated to sustainable investments as of October 2010

183 million dollars invested in two cogeneration plants dedicated to producing electricity and steam in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, which offer a maximum of 62 megawatts of clean energy

More than 6,000 trees were planted on 4.6 hectares of owned land, and 9,400 plants were cultivated in the Veracruz Forest greenhouse.

Alliance with other companies to solve challenges related to water and air quality through the Metropolitan Environmental Fund of Monterrey (FAMM)

Circular economy through the reprocessing and destroying of refrigerant gases, as well as reusing process water from the Salt business and wastewater treatment in Monterrey for industrial processes

Investment of 750,000 pesos to purchase health supplies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

1,560 vaccine applications against COVID-19

1,653 clinical and physical Preventive Medicine examinations for collaborators

More than 3.2 million staff hours without deaths, disabling injuries, or recordable work accident injuries in 2021

More than 2 million pesos invested in medical programs for the community in 2021

More than $200 thousand pesos donated to local Community committees that held ecological activities in 2021

More than 5 million pesos invested in events and donations for the community in 2021

7,620 hours of volunteering in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, in 2021

10.4% increase in the generation of clean energy during 2021, as compared to the base year (2018)

18.2% reduction of direct emissions into the atmosphere during 2021, as compared to the base year (2018)

30.1% reduction in water consumption during 2021, as compared to the base year (2018)

Recycling of 36.1% of the waste generated in 2021

Sustainability declaration

Responsible growth

The excellence route that CYDSA has established as part of its creation strategy is based on three pillars that interact to achieve the company’s integral development.

Protection of the environment

The consistent improvement of the quality of life of employees


A healthy relationship with the community


With this vision, CYDSA moves towards greater sustainability, promoting the progress of its staff, minimizing its environmental footprint, and supporting the well-being of the populations surrounding its facilities in a framework of dialogue that helps improve security conditions for all.

Periodic feedback from the different interest groups of the Company allows it to update its commitments and adapt its strategies according to the results and the dynamism of the environment and society.

Ecology and Environment.


Currently, the IQUISA Northeast plant is already in the process of an environmental audit. Aware that climate change mitigation represents a global challenge, CYDSA carries out actions…

IQUISA Northeast

For the IQUISA Northeast plant, an investment in state-of-the-art technology was made to make its operations more environmentally friendly…


Electricity cogeneration

The Coatzacoalcos Electricity and Steam Cogeneration Plants carry out efficient cogeneration from natural gas that reduces CO2 emissions…



Linkage and community

At CYDSA, the well-being of our employees, their families, and everything surrounding them is crucial for its Vision fulfillment. That is why it…


Quality of life in the

Different Health and Safety Care Measures and Programs are applied so that employees perform their duties in adequate working conditions…




As to industrial safety, in the different organizational units, Preventive Safety Plans have been designed with the neighboring nearby communities and are carried out…





CYDSA’s commitment to the rigorous observance of its Values ​​reflects in the Code of Best Corporate Governance Practices…


Code of

The code of conduct, in line with the emanated principles from our Corporate Policies, establishes the expected behaviors of employees, people, and external entities with which we work…




Each organizational unit has a Transparency Mailbox to receive comments, suggestions, or anonymous complaints, which can also pass on by email and phone…