Cool Timeline


Sales del Istmo concludes the third and last stage of its Evaporated Salt Production Installed Capacity Expansion, begun in 2013, consolidating this CYDSA plant as the largest producer of evaporated salt in the Americas. The Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons Business Unit successfully began operations in Salt Caverns located near Coatzacoalcos,


The IQUISA Noreste Chlorine, Caustic Soda and Chemical Specialties Plant starts operations in García, Nuevo León. Plant II of the Electricity and Vapor Cogeneration Business Unit starts operations in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.


The operation of Plant I of CYDSA’s new Electricity and Vapor Cogeneration Business Unit begins in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. CYDSA formalizes an agreement with PEMEX to develop the first LP Gas Processing and Underground Storage Project in Latin America. SISA’s production capacity increases to 500 thousand tons per year.


CYDSA acquires the Santa Clara Plant, a manufacturer of Chlorine, Caustic Soda and Chemical Specialties, with operations in charge of IQUISA in Ecatepec, Estado de México. CYDSA sales its PVC Resins and Plastic Pipe Business Units.


Plásticos Rex expands its line of products and services in the fields of extrusion and plastic injection, though the acquisition of new plants in Nuevo León and Jalisco.


CYDSA acquires all of the shares of Policyd Altamira, the largest PVC producer in Latin America.


CYDSA acquires Plásticos Rex, located in Mexico City, which manufactures pipes, PVC connections and pressurized drip irrigation systems.


This year CYDSA creates Policyd Altamira in Tamaulipas, the largest PVC producer in Latin America.


CYDSA’s expansion received an important boost with the trading of its shares at the Mexican Stock Exchange.


CYDSA partners with the foreign company BF Goodrich and acquires the majority interest of Policyd, a company from Estado de México that uses the most advanced technology to manufacture PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resins, a raw material used in a wide range of plastic products.


CYDSA acquires Industria Química del Istmo, a Mexican manufacturer of chlorine and solid caustic soda belonging to Pemex. IQUISA obtains the concession for the exploitation of saline domes in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, through Sales del Istmo, a company that produces edible and industrial salts.


CYDSA and Allied Chemical form a joint venture to create Quimobásicos, a supplier of refrigerant gases under the Genetron brand.


CYDSA’s Chlorine and Caustic Soda Plant begins operations. In 1959, the carbon disulphide plant is integrated.


CYDSA creates Copropriedad, a sharing services plant that supplies water, steam and electric energy to its Monterrey facilities.


In 1955, viscose, a raw material for rayon manufacture, is used in the production of clear cellulose film. That same year, CYDSA partners with British Cellophane, beginning operations of its cellophane film manufacturing Celorey Plant.


Two years after starting operations, CYDSA embarks on the production of artificial silk. From this product, and thanks to a production capacity that had doubled as a result of its first capital injection, CYDSA begins manufacturing rayon cord for the manufacture of tires.


The history of CYDSA began in 1945 in Los Lirios, an old farm on the outskirts of Monterrey. That year, CYDSA produced rayon fiber for the first time in Mexico, for the growing textile industry.