CYDSA’s commitment to the rigorous observance of its Values is reflected in the full compliance with the Code of Best Practices of Corporate Governance of the Mexican Stock Exchange as well as with the local, national and international regulations of the jurisdictions where it operates.

Its Code of Conduct, in perfect alignment with the Principles that emanate from CYDSA’s Corporate Policies, establishes the expected behaviors of its employees, as well as of the persons and entities with whom it works with, also including the penalties in case of non-compliance. Through an institutional process, the ethical performance of its employees is periodically evaluated.

Actuación Ética y Transparente

Nuestro Código de Conducta, en perfecto alineamiento con los principios emanados de las Políticas Corporativas de CYDSA, establece los comportamientos esperados de nuestros empleados, así como de las personas y entidades externas con las que trabajamos, y las sanciones aplicables en caso de su incumplimiento. A través de un proceso institucional, periódicamente se evalúa el desempeño ético de nuestros socios y colaboradores.

CYDSA’s Human Resources Area is responsible of communicating, promoting and monitoring the organization’s mechanisms of ethical performance. All personnel is sent a Letter-Manifesto of Conflicts of Interest, where they and their immediate superiors must state that there is no such situation regarding his or her affiliation with the company. In case a potential conflict is detected, it is analyzed and acted upon according to each specific situation.

In addition to this, each organizational unit has a Transparency Mailbox to receive comments, suggestions or anonymous complaints, which can also be communicated by email and telephone. The mailbox’s feedback is periodically reviewed and analyzed by an Operating Council chaired by CYDSA’s CEO.

Each complaint is also evaluated by the Surveillance Committee of the Code of Conduct, which meets to resolve and execute the pertinent actions, following up the cases and informing the Corporate Practices and Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of the corresponding resolutions.