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Corporate Headquarters

Av. Ricardo Margáin Zozaya 335 Torre 2 Piso 6, Col. Valle del Campestre, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León , C.P. 66265, México.

Social Responsibility

Business Ethics

More than 65 years ago, CYDSA’s founders defined a set of values to govern the Organization, based on the integrity of every action taken. These engrained principles have remained, being constantly conveyed to all of its personnel, and becoming a standard for many Mexican companies.

The Group values ethics and principles in a climate of absolute transparency. Among other commitments, CYDSA conforms to the Best Practices Code for Corporate Governance established by the Mexican Stock Exchange. Another program that reinforces ethical values is the Conduct Code, supported by the Transparency Mailbox.

The Conduct Code prescribes suggested courses of action as employees face various job situations. The responses cover adherence and compliance with appropriate county, state and national laws as well as the principles defined in CYDSA’s Corporate Policies.

Additionally, to encourage more open communications, CYDSA provides personnel with the Transparency Mailbox for receiving anonymous comments about behaviors that potentially violate the Group’s values and ethical principles. This mechanism provides physical mailboxes located strategically in all sites, as well as options for sending comments.

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