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Corporate Headquarters

Av. Ricardo Margáin Zozaya 335 Torre 2 Piso 6, Col. Valle del Campestre, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León , C.P. 66265, México.


Our History

  • … Today
  • CYDSA is an important Mexican Corporation, headquartered in Monterrey, with presence in several industrial sectors. The Company incorporates more than 20 subsidiaries located in 8 cities, and serves customers in more than 20 countries. It trades in the Mexican Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol “CYDSASA”.

  • Cydsa
  • 1980 - 1990
  • Plasticos Rex acquires new Plants in Nuevo Leon and Jalisco, to expand their line of products. 1989

  • Grupo CYDSA purchases the totality of shares of Policyd Altamira, the biggest producer of PVC in Latin America. 1988

  • CYDSA acquires Plasticos Rex, located in Mexico City, a producer of PVC pipes and fittings, irrigation systems, and polyethylene pipes. 1981

  • 1970 - 1980
  • The Policyd Altamira Plant, located in Tamaulipas, begins operations. This plant was the biggest producer of PVC in Latin America at the time. 1979

  • The expansion of CYDSA received and important impulse with the trading of its stock at the Mexican Stock Exchange. 1973

  • CYDSA and BF Foodrich formed an association to acquire the majority interest of Policyd, a Plant, located in Estado de México, with the most advanced technology in the manufacturing of PVC resins (Polyvinyl chloride), raw material used to produce a wide variety of plastic products. 1971

  • 1960 - 1970
  • CYDSA acquires Industria Quimica del Istmo (IQUISA), a Mexican producer of chlorine and solid caustic soda, owned by PEMEX.

    IQUISA obtains a concession to exploit saline domes in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz through Sales del Istmo, a company focused in the production of edible and industrial salts. 1967

  • CYDSA and Allied Chemical formed a joint-venture to create Quimobasicos, to supply refrigerant gases under the Genetron brand. 1961

  • 1940-1960
  • A Chlorine and Caustic Soda Plant begins operations.
    In 1959, Integra, the bisulfide plant of carbonate, begins operations as well. 1958

  • CYDSA founded Copropiedad, a plant of sharing services to provide water, steam and electric energy to the Plants in Monterrey. 1956

  • In 1955 uses viscose, a rayon raw material, to produce cellulose transparent film. In that same year, CYDSA formed an association with British Cellophane, to begin the operation of the Celorey Plant, for the production of cellophane film. 1955

  • Two years after the beginning of operations CYDSA starts the production of artificial silk.

    With this product and an increment of 100% in the production capacity, derived from the first capital injection, CYDSA produces rayon cord as a raw material to the tire industry. 1947

  • CYDSA´s History begins in 1945, in an old farm outside from Monterrey.

 In that year, rayon fiber is produced for the first time in Mexico, for the growing textile industry. 1945

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